What a wonderfully self-indulgent, of no use whatsoever flippant thing this is….

To honour the Tommy Hilfiger vs. Preppy Handbook collaboration, the brand has built an 800 square foot pop-up/travelling beach house dubbed “Prep World”, which opens in New York City on April 28. It will subsequently hit cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, London, Madrid, Belgium and Tokyo. Think the Puma shipping container, but bigger and slightly […]

On the starting block…wobbling a bit!

Add caption Ready, steady, Rock n’Rolla….Calling all you creative, groovy ****ers…..To make this worthwhile, and not me dribbling on to myself, we now need to get networking……Get your photos, inspired moments up here and tell all your chums to follow it too.It is past midnight & I realise I have been completely absorbed looking at […]

Well this is going to be exciting: 2011 sees the start of Black Dog Arts making a bit of a noise about who they are, what they produce, what inspires, annoys, excites, amuses them. We hope to show something of the creative process, the successes & the failures, photos, videos, the absolute honesty, laughter & […]