It’s been a long, long time

   Well HELLO Global Village of infinite love, hate and finite opportunities to start over. My oh my, the online world has moved on apace since I last wrote on this blog…..Instagram has now become my social media of choice, so I thought it was a good opportunity to start my ramblings once more whilst […]

Why does Normandy inspire us & feed our souls?… We do it so well! What Secrets? Is it the place?  The people?  The food/drink?  The lushness? The fertility?  The abundance?  The quirky humour?   The cakes?….Oh goodness THE CAKES….All I am sure of is that my heart lifts when I arrive & is leaden when […]

Laid low but spring is a coming…… Portraits by: Amber Marsh 2012 By Stephen Marsh-A portrait for a friend 2012 Stephen at work on a portrait of Amber taken from a tissue “life mask” I did from her face…. Finished work…. Snoopy by Stephen Marsh 2012 Hmm:  Happiness? About time I posted some photos of work…Mainly […]


  Loving being able to spend time justifiably surfing the net for inspiration now I think it is  “work” of sorts….I loved the exhibit pictured on the left-twas in an exhibition at the Chateau de Vascoeul close to our French idyll.  More to follow from there…..   However, have been somewhat distracted today by our gorgeous puppy […]