The Invisibility Myth Part 3

❤….Another day another altered state. The mind blows so many emotions around in a tornado of challenges. Who is this person looking back at my stripped bare face from the steam clouded mirror in the bathroom, hair on end, the errant remains of yesterdays makeup smeared down my face?….I kind of know her….Been kicking around […]


Gimme Shelter (and a break) – The Invisibility Myth

Hey there world – I’m excitedly and enthusiastically starting to research my fledgling book; “The invisibility Myth”, and already I’m finding gazillions of articles that are throwing me off-track!  I get easily embroiled in human issues that have me screaming my non-invisible,  unbalanced, un-edited opinions at the computer screen!..…  There are the individuals,  feminists,  whingers,  unhappy, […]


Life laid out on the table………

Trust me, I’m human…    A duvet day…..Pills and caffeine consign the head thump and slight temperature into background noise for four hour breaks, which allows a degree of creative thought.      Certain sentences come and go in my head:-   The nature of trust….The need for pain release…..    How am I making […]


We are Stardust, We are Golden………’

Thinking cap on 💭January. An ideal time to re-boot, re-set the clock of experience and start afresh.💭🐾Dogs on the bed🐾. One is a huge, warm, in-your-face real and rug like Doodle called Lu-Bear. The other one known as Clemmie the ghost dog, departed in 2016 after 16years snoring quietly away-still there in the shadows. The ghost dog […]

No good deed goes unpunished

   …💘My Beloved Main Man, and rock of over twenty eight years is an enigma: A big hearted, hugely intelligent -my very own offline Phd Google, artistic, sharp witted, loving Papa and friend.  He is also a huge cynic, affectionately known by those close to him as ‘Stoffles’ (honey badger-check it out on youtube), has […]